Experiences of Anger, Beautiful Anger and Joy

Last seek John the Baptist unleashed  his caustic but "beautiful anger" on us all and anger is a theme discussed well here at the blog The Emerging Desert,
where  anger, "beautiful anger " and various perspectives of what joy might mean are given an airing. 
As we approach Gaudete Sunday the Third Sunday of Advent  where it is tradition to celebrate "Joy" I have edited extracts from the above blog to show what joy means to these people:

"For many of us, the word itself feels sort of antiquated; it's not one that we toss around in everyday conversation very often. What does it mean that Jesus' coming to our world brought joy? 

It seems that in contrast to the fleeting nature of 'happiness', 'joy' inherently has an element of fulfillment... that when we experience joy we're communing with the core of who/what God created us to be and take in. It comes in myriad moments and forms. It seems to be independent of happiness, quite often. It can also be a mindset and/or discipline

We then shifted our discussion to Rob Bell's Jesus is Difficult: Beatifully Angry sermon. We spent some time recounting Rob's point about how identifying the things in the world that make us beautifully angry can often give us insight into how God wired us individually and what he wants us to address in this world. 

Ultimately it seems that when we identify and address the things that make us angry, we end up finding another way to create and experience joy/fulfillment for ourselves and the people around us.

We wrapped up the evening with an "ideation session." The session progressed through three questions, the results of which are reproduced in the images below."

Click on each image to enlarge .

Feel free to add your own comments to the three questions !

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