Questions are Important

From my inbox today, Saturday Second Week of Advent .

If the world is to change, first I have to change. The way I change (often kicking and screaming) is by coming to where the abyss of faith is located.

 I believe in a new way: not by suppressing the questions and the doubts, but by living more and more deeply into the questions and the doubts. I come to faith in a God who is paradoxically revealed in the very struggle to name God. 

The closer I get, the more I am questioned in my questioning, the more I am probed in my probing. I begin to wonder how it all fits together, especially when I don't fit together too well myself. I feel naked and exposed and frightened....

My fear and anger are very useful, provided I am able to resist that first panicked impulse to run. If I stand still in whatever cave I've been pushed into, my anger and fear can be a means to my understanding more clearly and with precision what is going on, not only within me but in the world.... Doesn't God reveal God's self in the areas of our greatest weakness--in our questioning, our probing, our suffering and our anger? I believe God does. This is why the questions are important. They stretch and enlarge the heart so that it is capable of receiving a deeper revelation. They expand our horizons. It would be strange if we didn't find this enlarging and expanding process deeply disturbing.
The simple truth is that reality reveals its secrets to us in proportion to the level of our willingness to ask questions. 

We receive "answers" to fit the kind of "questions" we pose. 

If our questions are narrowly and unimaginatively conceived, the answers will be, too."

Source: Soul Making Alan Jones


ROBERTA said...

hi phil,
i also got this quote from alan jones in my email today. soul making is one of my very favorite books and this quote speaks so well to the last 2 days i have spent in discernment....sigh.....

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Roberta,
It is not easy is it (!)and even though I am always asking questions I sometimes do not act on the answers I receive !! I have not heard of the Alan Jones book so may try and get it from the library. Thanks for the recommendation.