Season of Mystery and Hope

A few years ago, Franciscan friar, Richard Rohr made a very strong statement at a conference. 
He said, “The great heresy of organised religion has been to turn the darkness of faith into certitude. There is no wonder, no astonishment, no awe, no humility.  
There is no Mystery.”

and in my inbox this morning I read this :

"Every year for four weeks we wait. Ours is not a passive waiting; we wonder as we wait. We wait in the heavy joy of repentance, which cleanses us to be ready to receive the One Who Comes. We renew baptismal vows. 

We encourage one another in order to be a community of fresh expectancy. And we pray, "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" and "Come, O Long Expected Jesus." 

At times we fuss at God: "How long, O Lord? How long will you tarry?" 
Our generation is impatient. Advent lasts too long. Nasty notes are passed to the choirmaster: "We don't know these Advent songs. Why don't we sing some carols?" Everybody is already having Christmas except the church."
Source: The Christian Century (Dec. 14 2010)
I too find myself  getting impatient for Christmas to start now !!
The dilemma of waiting to post some of items  later in the week  is pitted against the fact that I know that I am just as likely to get caught up in last minute things and posting will end up being forgotten so I am going to be posting early !!
Some of you may know of the talented artist Jan Richardson.

If not. then here is her own video  as a way of introduction and an offering of a space of rest and reflection amid these days.

It is called Contemplating Christmas: Finding Quiet in a Season of Mystery and Hope and intertwines Jan's own artwork images and music and Jan has this warm prayer for us all....

"On this day and all the days to come, I send you many blessings and pray  that God will draw you into spaces of rest and delight."

A Merry Christmas  to you!  

Thanks and blessings to you too Jan !

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