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I have enjoyed listening to the serialisation of this new book on BBC Radio 4 this week.

The title is The Winter Of Our Disconnect by author Susan Maushart:

How one mother imposed techno-silence on three angry teenagers for six months

You can still listen to all four episodes for a limited period on BBC iPlayer from here
The fourth and final episode on the effects of using Facebook was my favourite and says"Despite having myriads of friends on facebook it seems we only ever really communicate with seven of them with any intimacy. So why this obsession with network expanding?"

Extract and article from Telegraph Click here

Susan Maushart and her three teenagers below.

Maushart is neither a digital apologist nor a luddite. 
This book is not an argument to shut your screens off permanently; it’s a wake-up call to examine how the media that we use uses us.  

I agree with the comments from Mark Nottingham :

"What makes this a great book is its balance, in several senses. Maushart alternates between fairly raw journal entries of her family’s experiences, a running commentary with a bit more distance and analysis, and dives into various bits of relevant research in the field."
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claire said...

I agree, Phil, that on Facebook one communicates really only with a few people on FB.
Another advantage is to see photos of relatives and friends, especially when they are all over the planet.
Finally, I also find that I have a small virtual spiritual community, of which you are a part, for which I feel infinitely grateful.

Now I have to read what this person wrote :-)

Thank you for the headsup.