Test of Faith

In these excellent short videos Bill Newsome, Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford and Investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute discusses a series of questions related to his faith and his work as a scientist in accessible language : 

I found this this guy to be quite a compelling speaker and he has a quiet intensity and almost Marlon Brandoesque screen presence - which makes a change from some of the dull people usually chosen for these programmes - this one is definitely worth watching.

How Does Faith Affect Your Life  ?

There is a passage in the Bible (Job 38/39) where God addresses a man, challenging him on his understanding of God's actions in the universe. 

In this one Professor Newsome shows how the Australian biologist Charles Birch has used this as the inspiration for a piece of writing, trying to imagine how God would address modern (scientific) humankind.

Test of Faith is a project of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at St Edmund's College, Cambridge

The purpose with Test of Faith is to promote understanding between science and Christianity. 

To this end, they have created an award-winning documentary series, a book, an educational course, and an impressive resource-rich website.  
Link to here for their interesting and richly  media savvy website here.

There are a whole whack of videos all free !!

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