January 9th : Baptism of Jesus

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This is a hurried post but hope it makes some sense !

Fr Austin Fleming at a Concord Pastor Comments says "We are coming to the close of a season of Theophany: of manifestations, appearances of God among us.

The word Theophany comes to us from the Greek (Θεοφάνεια - Τheophaneia) which means "appearance of God." 
Three feasts in a row celebrate the appearance of God in Christ:

Christmas, Epiphany, and the Baptism of the Lord. 

From a podcast by Robert Barron on The Baptism of Jesus are some words gleaned that stuck in my head; apologies for lack of full sentences...

"Priest, Prophet and King - by being anointed with the chrism of baptism
we are all supposed to share in these offices if we are baptised !! 

We are all little mini-messiahs by virtue of our baptism. 

Overwhelming ?!! ( Never thought of it that way before .)

"Prayer, the words of God on my lips, proclaims the centrality of God in my life.  Proclaim ; give a reason for the hope that is within me; grafted onto Christ ; to give good counsel, pastoral work. We never watch the baptism of Christ from the outside as a distant historical scene . We participate in it now."

Ron Rolheiser says Baptism consecrates us and consecration is a prescriptive rope that takes us where we would rather not go ~ but it is suffering that produces maturity.
To consecrate means to be set aside ~ displace from ordinary usage ~ we lose our ordinary freedom. Once consecrated we cannot opt in and opt out as we choose.

 Baptism scene from Zeffirelli's film Jesus of Nazareth. 

The splendid Michael York plays John The Baptist and intensely blue eyed Robert Powell is Jesus.

A remarkable film documentary; not much in the way of information in this short clip but  it is "atmospheric" and makes me inclined to want to see the whole thing. Review comments below video are pretty good too.

Some Review comments on the above film :

A spiritual journey through an archaeological detective story.

A story which uncovers the pieces of the ancient mystery of where Christ was baptized. Why was the site lost? How was it discovered and what was found there? What is the meaning of baptism in Christianity ?
The remarkable story of how the actual location of Jesus' baptism had disappeared from human memory, lost in time for almost 1000 years; and the fascinating story of its rediscovery and the ongoing excavations taking place there.

"A remarkable account of recovering a foundational part of our Christian heritage."
—The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams. Head of the worldwide Anglican Communion

"An important, groundbreaking film...This film takes its subject seriously. Christians must see this film. Everyone should see this film! "
—Dr. William F. Vendley, Secretary General, World Conference of Religions for Peace, New York

"It is a work of art...I hope you see this beautiful documentary."
—Lucie Blodgett, The Voice-Tribune

The Baptism of Jesus Christ: Uncovering Bethany Beyond the Jordan is a beautiful film that will speak to pilgrims of all faiths...This film is a blessing."
—The Rev. Canon Charles P. Gibbs, Executive Director, United Religions Initiative

"Refreshingly, this film succeeds in being true both to the archaeological and the spiritual significance of the place.... It conveys the sense of excitement alike among archaeologists, biblical scholars and Bedouin tribesmen as the site was rediscovered over the past few years. It reflects engagingly on the meaning of baptism in Christianity."
— Revd. Dr. Liz Carmichael, Tutorial Fellow in Theology and Chaplain, St John's College, University of Oxford

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Short video showing Orthodox Christians re-enacting the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River as part of Holy Week observances. 

Click here for link as it won't let me embed

Take Me To The Water Nina Simone

Using stock film footage from BBC nature films, this video follows amazing natural creations of water and wildlife.  
The Baptism of Jesus allows us to glimpse "The Cosmic Christ" as Richard Rohr would say , a perfect union of the spiritual and the physical in the fulfillment of God's purpose under the grace and blessing of The Holy Spirit. 

 I pray to let God be alive in us now , active and present in us now. 

So, "Let's go down to the river and pray ."....

The images are set to Alison Krauss' haunting acapella rendition.

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