Evolutionary Christianity and the Creation Story

This next week all the first readings for the Masses we are back to Genesis, the Creation stories and Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden and into the week after with Noah's ark and the flood. 

There has been a whole raft of broadcasts from a diverse series of over thirty presenters recently on Evolutionary Christianity . The link in blue takes you to a series of podcasts - registration is required but is free.

This is an excellent summary by Stephanie Block from Spero News of what the broadcasts covered and also a transcript of Richard Rohr's contribution can be accessed here too.

This is the sort of thing I would have lapped up when I was younger and although I still take interest probably because I have retired from lecturing as a biologist I find my appetite for  the minutiae of the debates these days much diminished.
As a biologist I have never had a problem reconciling evolution and faith in God.

Various references here:

If we don't understand creation correctly, we can't hope to understand God correctly. St. Thomas Aquinas.

 Describe God : Two videos 

Part One

 Part Two


2. "What does God do all day long? God lies on a maternity bed giving birth all day long." Meister Eckhart

3. "The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, humankind will have discovered fire." Teilhard de Chardin

4."In the post-modern world the wall of dry rationalism has cracked and crumbled." Elisabet Sahtouris

5."Postmodernity has reunited energy, imagination and matter." Melissa Raphael

6. "It is possible to prepare for the future without knowing what it will be. The primary way to prepare for the unknown is to attend to the quality of our relationships and how well we know and trust one another." Margaret J. Wheatley

This is Richard Rohr's contribution titled Evolutionary Humility and Radical Grace

 Ron Rolheiser archives has various articles on evolution relevant to our faith NOW so here are a couple- it's nice to have them under one roof.

 A Not So Subtle Return to Survival of the Fittest

Conceiving of God: Metaphor and Reality

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