Kila and The Secret of Kells

I had the film Secret of Kells on my wish list last week and was delighted to get it from the library yesterday so am looking forward to watching it over the weekend.

A few people left favorable comments on it and then by chance I found this video of the Irish band Kila performing live at St.Mary's Collegian Church in Youghal to launch their 2010 album Soisín ( which means "pure heart dedicated mind" and is dedicated to the memory of Maureen O' Halloran  a Zen buddhist nun  -who you can read more about here) 

Then I discovered that Kila performed the sound track for the Secret of Kells !! Amazing..

Another lovely track "Crann na bpingini " from the same band.
I think the translation of the title is something like "money trees" or "trees of pennies" Crann is tree anyway !

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