Mubarak Is Gone . God Bless The People of Egypt

Thank God . Rejoice, Mubarak has gone.
I feel incredibly emotional as like so many I have been following the extarordinary ups and downs of these heroic people over the last couple of weeks.
People really can turn the world upside down !
May God Bless the brave people of Egypt who have inspired us all in their struggles for a new free future.
I am a grateful witness to a  peaceful and popular revolution in the biggest Arab country in the world.
Excellent blog from David Remnick of The New Yorker  said this :

"The delusions of dictators are never more poignant -- or more dangerous -- than when they are in their death throes. To watch Hosni Mubarak today in his late-night speech in Cairo, as he used every means of rhetorical deflection to delay his inevitable end, was to watch a man so deluded, so deaf to the demands of history, that he was incapable of hearing an entire people screaming in his ear."
Quoting again from Remnick's blog :

"The drama is far from over and its course is far from predictable. But there is no doubt of its revolutionary importance to the Middle East. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, who was among the most prominent activists to spend time in Mubarak's prisons, told me the other day that the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt were proof that Arabs -- particularly young Arabs -- want no less than what other people want. 

They refuse powerlessness, they refuse kleptocracy, they demand the rule of law. "This is a revolution of the twenty-first century," he told me. "It is a young person's revolution, and we can only hope that it will not be stolen, somehow, by an older generation or a newer Mubarak. We have to hope this empowerment will transform the Arab world."

Image from here

BBC News and video of reactions from the people from  here

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil. This is truly historic and I hope and pray the way of the future. The people have been heard. I feared a bad ending to all of this. I'm so happy for the people of Egypt, love your picture. It was good to see people dancing in the streets. First

Philomena Ewing said...

Yes, there are many tin pot dictators shivering in their shoes right now. It is a truly momentous time not only for the Middle East but for all of us witnessing it as history is being made. Listening to the Egyptian people of from all sorts of backgrounds, faiths, non-faiths has been truly wonderful as they are united and willing to put their differnces aside. I pray that this goodwill will be sustained and that old sores are nor reopened in the future.