Murmuration of Starlings

The wonder of nature really can stir the soul and I was truly mesmerised by a flock of starlings performing thrilling aerial displays here in Cornwall the other day which prompted me to look for a video. I couldn't find one of Cornwall but I think you'll agree this is a spectacular one. 

The person who did the film did a great job and they said this :
"Immense magical murmuration of Spectacular Starlings and a single falcon over Gretna, Scotland . After an abortive first trip to see the birds (they didn't show and Hector caught me on film looking a bit fed up waiting around at the start of the film!) ..

I chose the music for its fluid soaring beauty. Music is about the only thing that humans can create that is as beautiful as natural sights such as this murmuration of starlings.

I'm heard to say 'Good Heavens. Look at this!' I was right to be impressed.. it was an astonishing sight of an immense flock of gathering starlings preparing to roost at dusk in February 2008 at Gretna, Southern Scotland, beside the M74 as trucks and cars thunder by. Watch out for the sparrowhawk at the flock edge as it tries to pick off birds. Makes you realise just how irrelevant humans are. The film can't get anywhere close to portraying the beauty and enormity of this sight. You can feel the air push around you as the flock whooshes overhead.
The music is Jan Garbarek, from the album Officium.
My exclamation of 'No' at the end on the soundtrack is disbelief not annoyance. 

I simply couldn't believe what a fantastic sight it was."

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