Thomas Merton Prayer and Father Matthew Kelty's Homilies Online

From my inbox today : From The Merton Institute For Contemplative Living a notice of a Memorial Service for the trappist monk Father Matthew Kelty from the Abbey of Gethsemani where Merton lived and also this video link of Fr.Kelty reading the famous prayer of Thomas Merton.

I have read this prayer so many times but to hear it read by someone who knew him so well makes it extra special and quite beautiful.

Fr. Matthew Kelty died on Friday, Febuary 18. Over a number of decades Fr. Matt touched the lives of thousands of people from many religions in a beautiful and positive way.

Tribute article from Louisville Courier Journal here from which this extract below is taken : "Fr Kelty, a longtime chaplain to the monastery’s retreat guests, was 95 — the abbey’s oldest monk, a one time typist for Merton and chaplain of the monastery's guest house from 1990 to 2006, even as age left him stooped and his hair nearly as white as his robe.Many visitors had been drawn to the monastery by the writings of Merton — under whom Kelty trained as a novice. But Merton was long deceased, and for many visitors the most accessible monk was Kelty, who kept regular hours counseling anyone who wanted a listening ear."

I did not know Fr.Matthew but I found the video of him very moving and a further search allowed me to come across a link to this wonderful gift of grace : 
a whole set of Fr. Matthew's homilies which can be accessed here 
and looking through them briefly this one is a fine example 

A few more related links below ;

Deacon Greg from The Deacon's Bench has a lovely personal tribute here and also contains a video of Fr. Kelty's sermon.

Here from the Abbey of Gethsemani

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