A Two Day Lenten Video Retreat Online For Free: Brother David Steindl

As we approach this season of Lent many people may be looking for some inspiration.

I have already posted some links to resources here .

This is another one :
Spiritual Practices for Everyday Living was a retreat led by Austrian born Br. David Steindl-Rast , a Benedictine monk (www.gratefulness.org) in South Australia, June 2009.

There are a total of  SEVEN videos,each consisting of  short segments of 6 minutes or so, all available on You Tube.

In this first segment of the two-day retreat, Br. David talks about what "Retreat" means.

Part 2 : About contemplation and everyday spiritual practice. 

Part 3 : Three Aspects of Meaning

Part 4 : Accessing meaning through poetry, poetry being a "gateway to the first world of spiritual life: living by the word of God." 

Part 5 : "Manna: What is it?"

Part 6 : Brother David takes suggestions of significant words from retreatants and illustrates how we live fully by them.

Part 7 : Brother David  responds to the phrase "I'm not going to get there" with "We are not going to get there EVER if we don't realize we are already there." 

( There are many other great videos from Brother David Steindl-Rast on You Tube so it's well worth a visit)

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