The Meaning of Life ; Gay Byrne interviews Abbot Mark Patrick Hederman

 If you can spare the time I recommend this
 enjoyable video : an interview by the Irish presenter Gay Byrne of the maverick, erudite Mark Patrick Hederman, Abbot of the Benedictine Glenstal Abbey in County Limerick, Ireland. 

Abbot Hederman speaks openly and candidly about his unusual route into priesthood, his personal relationship with God, the active role of the Holy Spirit and his views on liturgy, the hierarchy and  the modern Catholic Church.  It lasts 25 minutes. 

I found it compelling and refreshing and the man himself was a breath of fresh air and clearly a great communicator.

Originally broadcast on RTE on 20th March, BUT it is only available until Sunday 10th April.

There is also a recent interview with the Abbot from January 2011 from The IrishTimes which you can read here .

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Books by Abbot Hederman include :

Brief review here

Glenstal Abbet facebook link is here and their website is here .

from where you can also download the Lenten Series Week Two : To Ireland in The Coming Times. 

( I missed Week One and I can't find  it on the website.)

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