Seeking God

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Click here for an audio of a beautiful prayer from the blog site To Bend Light by Alden Solovy.. and thanks to my friend Fr. Austin at A Concord Pastor Comments for pointing me to Aldens site.

Words are also below by permission..

Seeking G-d

G-d of my ancestors,
G-d of generations,
G-d beyond my understanding:
Who are You?
What are You?
Where are You?
Why do I struggle to reach You
When my quiet heart already knows You?
My calm thoughts
And open arms
Already know You.
My joy and pain,
Grief and love
Already know You.
Adonai my G-d,
Open me up to You
In celebration and surrender.
Reunite me with what I already know:
Your holiness and Your love.
Let Your word flow through me
So that I see and hear,
Taste, touch and smell
The beauty and blessings around me.
Then, G-d of old,
I will remember to seek You always,
To praise You throughout the days
And to honor You across the years.
Blessed are You, Holy One,
Hidden in plain sight,
Present in simple moments,
Present for eternity.

© 2011 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.
Postscript: Other prayers about finding G-d include: “To Hear Your Voice,” “To Seek Your Glory,” “To Seek Your Love” and “To Know Your Word.”
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