Further Update on Elizabeth Johnson from USCCB

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Brother Dan at Dating God has posted a further update here on the situation re the theologian Sr. Elizabeth Johnson's 2007 work Quest For The Living God .

It is from the USCCB Media Relations office which has released a statement about a document distributed by Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, to his brother bishops in light of the recent controversies surrounding the USCCB’s Committee on Doctrine’s report on Sr. Elizabeth's work.

( See my previous post on this here)

I haven't read the Bishops rationale yet .... 

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claire said...

Fascinating how the hierarchy is afraid around intelligent women theologians who show that same hierarchy all that they wish not to see.
Her book is used in Theology classes and she talks of Godde... She Who Is... I understand the bishops' and the Vatican's fear. At the moment, they have a monopoly and wish to keep this way. They hide behind medieval thoughts. Why not? It has worked till now :-)
A good friend of mine is very afraid for Beth Johnson and what the bishops can do to her order (very much like Fr Roy Bourgeois and the Maryknolls). I feel that people have the power than one gives to them. As you know, I give little to the bishops up, if any at all. But then my livelihood is not at stake.

Philomena Ewing said...

Just as I posted this Brother Dan has posted yet another link with a response to this USCCB statement from the College Theology Society so I am finding it difficult to keep abreast of it, but I get a deep sense of their frustration and weariness ! God cannot be bound by ecclesial traditions. For me God is beyond the limited human perceptions of sexuality, but if we are made in his /her image I also think people's personal experience of God is not being listened to here. Their cloistered rigidity has become damaging and is stifling when it could be expansive and revitalising.