Holy Week Music : Taize

Looking for music for Holy Week reflections ?

Taize chants seem to come into their own during Holy Week. 

Here in advance in one place are a selection.... more music of other types to come soon.....

I'm also posting a link to the collection on my sidebar so you can have easy access to it ay any time. Look for Taize Chants and a photo of a candle.
Oh Lord Hear My Prayer

Oh Lord hear my prayer 
Oh Lord hear my prayer 
When I call answer me
 Oh Lord hear my prayer
 Oh Lord hear my prayer 
Come and listen to me

 Jesus Christ, Bread of Life

Confitemino Domino

Confitemini Domino, quoniam bonus. Confitemini Domino, alleluia

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good


Ubi Caritas

 Stay With Me

 Jesus Remember Me

In Manuas Tuas, Pater ( Into Your Hands, Father, I commend My Spirit.)

This one below was a poem composed by St. Teresa of Avila  and her lyrics are simple but full of hope . 
May nothing disturb you Nada de turbe
May nothing astonish you Nada te espante
Everything passes Todo se pasa
God does not go away Dios no se muda
Patience can attain anything La Paciencia todo lo alcanza
He who has God within Quien a Dios tiene
does not lack anything Nada le falta
God is everything Solo Dios basta

This video shows some of the writings of Brother Roger and the background to the founding of Taize set to his glorious music...


Phil Ewing said...

That's great to know you will find a use for it and I'm grateful for the link too - you are a star !

Fraustinfleming said...

What a great collection, a great resource, Phil - thank you! I'm linking to this on my page now.