Problems With My Comments Boxes

Sorry Folks : My comments system seems to be up the shoot these last few days and my Blogger system overall is very sluggish today.

Apologies if you posted and nothing appears and it seems as if I haven't replied . I did post them and my replies too  and I can see them on my edit function but they are not coming through on the public pages.

It is very erratic today with some comments getting through and then disappearing !

If you comment via the blogger sytem and there is another comment on the Disqus system - what is happening is that the Disqus system (which I have only recently installed )seems to be causing problems and overriding the blogger system so that only one type of comment gets through.

I have reported it twice now. Hope this gets through. It's driving me nuts !! If it continues I think I'll have to disable the Disqus system and stick with the Blogger comments box only.

Thanks for your patience.... and please don't let it put you off leaving your comments !
Sooner or later it will get sorted...

Typical ; now that I'm going to Rome I'm getting lots of hits and more comments and I can't publish them.... Is God trying to tell me something ?
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claire said...

Good luck with your system :-) Its sluggishness will not send us away.

ROBERTA said...

i tried to comment this morning on the betrayal posting and i got a "please wait" i'm glad i'm getting through now! congrats on the rome trip and all that entails! the betrayal post was interesting as i'm facilitating the preaching segment of our holy wednesday service tomorrow night on judas....i liked all the art you used too....

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Roberta- great to hear from you. I'm glad this one got through. It is taking me ages now to log on to blogger aaagh !

Thanks re Rome trip-it is exciting and a bit scary !
I would love to hear your homily : is there any chance of posting a transcript on your blog or e mail me a copy ?
Wishing you a Blessed Holy Week and best wishes for tomorrow !