Saturday Third Week of Lent

The wonderful Cacina Wordpress Blog has a lovely reflection on the gospel reading for today here

and this extract from Oscar Romero :
"How easy it is to denounce structural injustice, institutionalized violence, social sin! And it is true, this sin is everywhere, but where are the roots of this social sin? In the heart of every human being. Present-day society is a sort of anonymous world in which no one is willing to admit guilt, and everyone is responsible. We are all sinners, and we have all contributed to this massive crime and violence in our country. Salvation begins with the human person, with human dignity, with saving every person from sin. And in Lent this is God’s call: Be converted! "

Today is also the sixth anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II, soon to be beatified.

Each of you is precious to Christ.
He knows you personally.
He loves you tenderly,
even when you are not aware of it.

—Pope John Paul II

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