Way of The Cross at Rome Colosseum Good Friday

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Written this year by an Augustinian sister, the full English texts of tomorrow night's Way of the Cross at Rome Colosseum are here and then click on picture for each station to take you to the text

Edited from the introduction below :

The author, Sister Mary Rita Piccione, is a member of the Augustian hermitage of Lecceto, near Siena, one of the Tuscan convents of the thirteenth century and a cradle of the Order of Saint Augustine. 
She is currently a member of the community of the Santi Quattro Coronati in Rome, the site of the house of formation for all Augustinian novices and professed sisters in Italy.

The texts are thus the work of an Augustinian nun, but the illustrations also draw their form and colour from a feminine and Augustinian artistic sensibility. 

Sister Elena Maria Manganelli, O.S.A., of the hermitage of Lecceto, formerly a professional sculptress, created the pictures which illustrate the various stations of the Way of the Cross.
This interplay of word, form and colour gives us a taste of Augustinian spirituality, inspired by the early community of Jerusalem and based on communion of life.

The preparation of this Way of the Cross was born, then, of the experience of nuns who “live together, reflect, pray and dialogue.”

Each station is announced by its traditional title, followed by a short phrase which offers a starting-point for meditation on that station.

"We can imagine these words as spoken by a child, as a reminder of the simplicity of the little ones who see to the heart of things, and a sign of openness, in the Church’s prayer, to the voice of childhood, at times abused and exploited."

This is a new addition to the Stations of the Cross given in my previous post from here
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