Blogging Dystopia

Well, how did you manage without Blogger for over 24 hours ?

Certainly made me think about what I do with my time !

It reminds me of that well known saying ; "You're only as good as your last show" - Well , my last post from yesterday has been deleted and although Blogger say they are restoring them it's still not here - and that makes me wonder about why that niggles me. 

I miss it -  even though the post before it is there,  the one that I can''t see is the one that I miss the most.

Funny how that makes me think about God and the Eucharist and all the things that if  lost set up a dystopic feeling- It's not pleasant at all.

Involuntary loss, death - extreme considering it's only a blog but when I couldn't blog  I was in a strange mental place, burgeoning with thoughts that normally would have an outlet and a place to put them now queued up and intermingled - a true butterfly state.

Knowing, but not for sure that Blogger would come back -it's a bit like the hope of life after death - hope that life will be restored , memories of what that last post was like, just like remembering that last conversation with a friend who has gone; hoping for it to be continued in the next life.

So what did I do when I couldn't blog ?

I went to the library and got out the following books :

  • Bullfighting by Roddy Doyle - "stories of contemporary Ireland, its woes and triumphs, confronting new realities."
  • Two guide books on Barcelona with maps - will be going there soon
  • Throwing Sheep in The Boardroom - How Online Social Networking Will Transform Your Life, World and Work - (You have to laugh !!)
  •  Browsed twitter which I have never really used much - it's an odd nether world of social networking.

So what did you do with your forced exile from Blogger that you would probably not have done otherwise ?
                                  I'd love to know !

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