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Well, I'm back to the normal crazy world and catching up on news.

I notice that this Sunday is Mothers Day in the USA. 

It is both sad and ironic to know that having spent time at the Vatican Bloggers meeting surrounded by a dizzying array of cell phones, androids, laptops etc that those same communication tools are powered by "one of the saddest secrets in the world involving mothers and daughters." 

This article from the Huffington Post and accompanying video is by the Spanish actor and activist Javier Bardem and John Prendergast, co-founder of The Enough Project.

 Please add your voice to the conflict-free movement at

After delighting in the blogging meeting and the idea that freedom to express opinion is taken seriously I am thrown back into the confusing and controversial world of Vatican censure and control in action :

and a quick look around some hot web topics found Joan Chittister's article here titled Expulsions from Religious orders, Family and Minority Wisdom worth looking at

and also this one from Fr. Anthony Ruff from Pray Tell Blog titled Bishop Morris, Due process, Credibility, and the Reign of God.

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ROBERTA said...

thank you for that video. now i have information. and now i am responsible for acting upon it.