Contemplative Photography as an Act of Faith

One of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging for me is browsing for photographs or visual cues that help me when I am trying to post. 
There is a strong link between visual imagery, reflection and prayer.

This is a fascinating presentation by Diane Walker given at Seattle University's 2011 Pacific Northwest Spirituality Book Festival.

Diane is currrently Exhibitions Director for, and has served as the Director of Communications for the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, as an instructor at the Diocesan School of Theology in Seattle, and as a licensed lay preacher. 

Her poems, photos and meditations may be found at 

Enjoy !!

And this is a bonus one from Diane on the divine feminine : Inspiration For The Journey which she describes as being for anyone who has ever suffered loss.

Inspiration for the Journey is also a book which can be purchased at
A portion of the proceeds from all sales will be dedicated to breast cancer research.

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claire said...

I cannot agree more than browsing for an illustration, whether photo or painting, is part of creating a post. It is for me as well.
Thank you for this, Phil :-)