John Moriarty's Vision of a Hedge School in Kerry

Following on from my previous post here on monks and monasteries I came across this fascinating and moving video from the inimitable philosopher- poet , and visionary, John Moriarty (now sadly deceased: 1938-2007.) 

John had been working on his dream of establishing a Christian Monastic Hedge School in County Kerry during the last of years of his life which he called "Slí na Fírinne." an Irish expression, which literally means the path of truth and is numinous with a sense of final adventure, the adventure of our immortality.

The video outlines his path through life, love, faith and personal vision of setting up a Hedge School in Kerry following in the footsteps of Ireland's great monastic tradition.

You may find it takes a while to adapt to his accent and the first few minutes may be a bit difficult to grasp but please please stick with it ..... it gets better as it develops and is a beautiful gem of story. What a lovely man he was !

His website is here and you can download his free on Sli na Firinne here 

His obituary in The Guardian is here 

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