A Little of St Francis Is Always Good For The Soul

A conversation with St. Francis of AssisiImage by gwilmore via Flickr
The official feast day of St Francis comes much later in the year (October 4th ), 

but there's no reason why we can't celebrate him at other times, 

especially when nature announces itself so beautifully at this time of year.

This is a lovely song.............................

We know that St. Francis desired and believed his life to be an imitation of
Jesus. This conviction kept him from being proud and the passion and vitality of his example is so attractive because it never in the least is about  himself.

St. Francis never seemed to occupy himself with questions of doctrine.
For him faith was not of the intellectual but always rooted in the moral domain; it was about the consecration of the heart. 

Words written by St Francis:

Let us desire nothing else.

Let us wish for nothing else
Let nothing else please us and cause us delight
except our Creator and Redeemer and Saviour,
the One True God, Who is the Fullness of Good,
all good, every good, the true and supreme Good;

Let nothing hinder us,
nothing separate us or nothing come between us.

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