Makoto Fujimura Reflects on Art and Faith

In January 2011, an Illuminated Edition of the Kings James Bible was  published to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. 

The contemporary artist was Makoto Fujimura, a Japanese American, also a writer and speaker, and a Christian.

The idea of forging a new kind of art, about hope, healing, redemption, refuge, while maintaining visual sophistication and intellectual integrity is a growing movement, one which finds Fujimura's work at the vanguard." -- Robert Kushner 

"Art cannot be divorced from faith, for to do so is to literally close our eyes to that beauty of the dying sun setting all around us. Every beauty also suffers. Death spreads all over our lives and therefore faith must be given to see through the darkness, to see through the beauty of "the valley of the shadow of death".

"Prayers are given, too, in the layers of broken, pulverized pigments. Beauty is in the brokenness, not in what we can conceive as the perfections, not in the "finished" images but in the incomplete gestures. Now, I await for my paintings to reveal themselves. 
Perhaps I will find myself rising through the ashes, through the beauty of such broken limitations." 

Makoto Fujimura and more writings from here and a nice review here

                                                             Tree Grace by Makoto Fujimura

                                                                Makoto's website is here
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