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Sunday, May 8
Mother's Day USA.

One of the things that led me into male spirituality was that most people have experienced their God image by experiencing the image of their mother.  They experienced unconditional love not through the image of a man, but through the image of their mother.  I realized how wounded the father relationship is with so many people.
For much of the human race, the mother is the one who parts the veil for us.  She gives us that experience of grounding, of intimacy, of tenderness, of safety that most of us associate with our image of God.  However, many people operate from a toxic and negative image of God.  Nothing wonderful is ever going to happen as long as that is true.  Early growth in spirituality is often about healing that inner image, whether male or female.
Most of us know that God is beyond gender.  When we look at the Book of Genesis, we see that the first thing God is looking for is quite simply “images” (Genesis 1:26-27).  God is not looking for servants, for slaves or for people who are going to pass loyalty tests.  God is just looking for images—“images and likenesses” of who God is.  God divided this one whole image and likeness into what we call masculine and feminine.  Whoever God is, God is profoundly and essentially what it means to be male and female.  We have to find and to trust the feminine face of God and the masculine face of God.  Both are true and both are necessary for a full relationship with God.  Up to now, we have strongly relied upon the masculine.
Adapted from The Maternal Face of God
(available as part of On Transformation: Collected Talks, Volume 1 (CD))

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