Updates : Bishop William Morris and Elizabeth Johnson

The head of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference expressed "our sadness" at the retirement of Bishop William Morris of the Diocese of Toowoomba and said the bishops will continue discussion of the event during their ad limina visits in Rome later this year.

The NCR report on this and more of Bishop Williams own responses are here 

Also a follow up article in the NCR for Elizabeth Johnson - I woud have posted this yesterday but for the Bloggers hiatus: 

"In what appears to be a reconciliatory move by the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Doctrine towards church scholars who took issue with the committee’s sharp critique of a book by Elizabeth Johnson, the prominent Fordham University theologian, the committee executive director has written it never meant to question the “dedication, honor, creativity, or service” of the author. Click here for full article

I urge you to read the comments section after this article, many of which continue to voice concerns about the shabby way Elizabeth Johnson was treated and the implications for theologians and all of us !


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