Am I Bouncy or Sticky ?

Fr. James Martin is definitely ahead of the field with this post dated July 4th in America magazine !

 - ah well, he is a Jesuit after all.

He poses some interesting questions such as how bouncy or sticky are Catholic websites to the eyeballs?

This does not refer to some newly discovered law of physics applied to websurfing Catholics  who use the internet frequently, nor is it an urgent health warning ..
Fr Martin explains ...

"This is an industry term for the appeal of a Web site is “sticky.” Visitors (or “eyeballs”) stick to a site if it is interesting, lively, useful, provocative and generally appealing. 

Conversely, the “bounce rate” refers to how frequently initial visitors navigate away from a page to a different site. Sticky is good; bouncy is bad.
How bouncy or sticky are Catholic Web sites? More broadly, how well is the church using social and digital media in its mission to spread the Gospel? 

He asks : "Since “the church” can mean many things, let’s narrow the topic down: How well are those who work in church organizations in this country using social and digital media?"

Fr. Martin also has a list of 10 ( is this a magic number ?) here of Do's and Don'ts  for web savvy organisations.
Some of Fr Martin's key points that I found of particular interest  involve:
a discussion of the ominous and imperious presence of something called the web magisterium, 
the ubiquitous venom of ad hominem attacks on webs and in comments sections

and the amusingly dainty term "net etiquette".

What I want to know is can the occasional rant  be allowed or tolerated; or should they be limited to ten a month or ten a year ? 

How say you my dear readers?

One of the problems I increasingly feel with blogging is that once said it's like spilled ink and a comment given or received may not always come across the way it was intended and I wonder how much feeding the beast and being on a band wagon of self revelation can be regretted by people.

Even though I am an independent blogger does anyone know what tool you use to find out how bouncy or sticky a blog is or do you have to pay for this ?

I'd be grateful if any techies out there can supply the answer....

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