Amnesty International 50th Anniversary

Since coming back from my holiday I have been sorting out messages from my inbox and so I'm devoting this post to an important anniversary and some issues of human rights.

Amnesty International celebrates its 50th anniversary of working to protect human rights this year.

This short video, "Standing Up For Freedom " is by Prague based company Eallin; a beautiful animated video for Amnesty to celebrate the anniversary. It is an emotive piece that takes us on a metaphorical journey showing mankind's struggle for freedom over the last half century. 

I remember the first time I heard of Amnesty International. We had a talk at secondary school and the stage was illumined with the now famed single candle encased in  barbed wire. In one short hour I and many others were awakened to the injustices in so many places of the world outside our cosy existence and all of us signed up as members there and then.

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The Amnesty website is here and even a quick glance shows the vast number of campaigns around the world that are supported by this organisation -  a sobering sad and sickening reminder of how bad a state the world  is still in fifty years on.

For their anniversary Amnesty have chosen to highlight six key campaigns where people taking action together can achieve extraordinary change.

You can sign a petition, share an action, or join a community event. Every action makes a difference –  

We can all help to defend human rights around the world today so please take the time to have a look and participate in whatever way you can.

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