Buck Brannamann Story

Last night by chance I heard a remarkable interview on the BBC World Service .

It featured Buck Brannamann, the man brought up in the cowboy tradition in the United States, whose incredible ability to communicate with animals inspired the Hollywood film "The Horse Whisperer" and whose life story has now been made into a new film documentary that is making waves in the USA.

But you don't have to know much about horses to appreciate the personal story behind the work he does.

The radio interview shows Buck as a deeply sensitive incredibly humble and loving man. Reared by an abusive father, Buck managed to break away and his personal story is immensely moving.

By teaching people to communicate with horses through instinct, not punishment, he frees the spirit of the horse and humans too.

If you get a chance to listen to it I can thoroughly recommend it - it is available as a podcast for the next thirty days from here

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I don't know when the new film documentary is scheduled to come to the UK but I hope it is not too long a wait.

This is the official trailer for the film........................... and the official website is here

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