For the People of Norway

Confessed terrorist Anders Behring Breivik hoped to trigger a nationalist revolution in Norway. But his double act of mass murder and destruction seems to have stirred only dignified defiance in this wealthy, idealistic nation renowned for its commitment to peace. 

Families, workmates and communities are already coming together to discuss the need for Norway to protect the best of what it is - a tolerant society open to the world. 

"These quite unimaginable attacks have challenged our national character, but they will not be able to alter our national characteristics," said Geir Lundestad, director of the Nobel Institute that helps select the winner of each year's Peace Prize in Oslo. 

"Even in these terrible days we have seen some of our sense of openness, democracy, equality come to the fore. Even our king and queen show they are one of us, they weep with the rest of the country," Lundestad said.

The song below in Taize style is dedicated to the people of Norway in their grief and sorrow so that they may gain strength and solace .

The person who
a mountain
carrying away
small stones

                                                              Enya Sun In The Stream

A Song of Peace "I Arise" composed and performed by Stefan Andre Waliger'
Read more about him here 
Video is not that high a quality - I found it better to just listen.  

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