Pray for Fr. Ron Rolheiser

 I only read this today and was saddened to hear that the much loved Fr. Ron Rolheiser is receiving treatment for colon cancer .

 This is taken from his post on his website yesterday :

"In early May I went for a routine colonoscopy and the doctor discovered a cancerous tumor in my colon. The good news was that it was discovered relatively early, before there were symptoms. They scheduled me for surgery in early June and removed the affected area, along with a series of lymph nodes. 

The operation, while pretty invasive, went well, but some of the lymph nodes had already been affected, meaning that the cancer was not necessarily fully contained in the tumor. I have recovered very well from the surgery, though this took some weeks.

An oncologist advised me that prudence dictates that there be a follow-up treatment to the surgery, namely, six months of chemotherapy. 

He also assured me that the long-term prognosis is good, but that, as with all cancer, nothing is really sure until it's sure. A cure is most likely, but not assured. 

I start the chemotherapy treatments in early August and will be facing a certain desert-experience for the next six months.

This is not a plea for sympathy. I share this with you because one shares this with one's family and you are my family of readers.

I will appreciate your prayers, even as I trust you not to deluge me with emails, cards, and letters. What we give to each other inside the mystical body of faith, family, and friendship, need not be announced to be effective."

Please join me in prayers to support him in the difficult time ahead.

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