Recognising God in the Burning Bush

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A few thoughts on the fire of the burning bush : 
At an age when Moses has settled into retirement as an outback shepherd, he comes face to face with the greatest challenge of his life. 

I can relate to the reluctant prophet, paying attention to God's revelation in the ordinary spaces of everyday life,  recognising the holy ground we walk on in conflict zones and taking our sandals off in the presence of God,  a personal God that addresses me by name to see, but then torments and baffles me to come no nearer; a burning fire that does not leave embers, a God whose burning fire of love for me I constantly beat around, resist and make excuses to, who takes me to places I would rather not go.

This is a wonderful reflection on Finding God in the burning bush here

"Enjoying "spiritual feelings" without "spiritual ideas," of course, is what tacks the foam rubber onto the cross. 
Spirituality, under the modern template, does not brace one for suffering that leads to inner growth. Instead, it obliterates suffering by providing the musical equivalent of an injection from Dr. Feelgood. . . . 

Genuine spirituality makes demands on us, challenges us to overcome selfishness, to love from the depths of ourselves so that we may establish community with others.

Soft spirituality" is now commercializing everything from plainchant to rock anthems to Jesus. This sign of the times is more about shadow than substance. 

For the spiritual seeker, "soft spirituality" is a mirage, not an oasis. The springs may run with Evian water but there is no real nourishment here, just the illusion of refreshment . …

That such a movement has co-opted the name of spirituality in our pop culture tells us just how hungry we are for the real thing, and how unfed we remain."

Eugene Kennedy, quoted in Context (Jan. 1, 1999)

 Image The burning bush James Tissot

The old pagans had to choose between a brilliant, jangling, irresponsible universe, alive with lawless powers, and the serene and ordered universe of God and law. We modern pagans have to choose between that divine order, and the grey, dead, irresponsible, chaotic universe of atheism. 

And the tragedy is that we may make that choice without knowing it - not by clear conviction but by vague drifting, by losing interest in Him.

 A nominal deist will say: "Yes, of course there must be some sort of Force that created the galaxy. But it's childish to imagine that It has any personal relation to me!" In that belief atheism exists as an undiagnosed disease. 

The man who says, "One God," and does not care, is an atheist in his heart. 
The man who speaks of God and will not recognize him in the burning bush - that man is an atheist, though he speak with the tongues of men or angels, and appear in his pew every Sunday, and make large contributions to the church.

... Joy Davidman, Smoke on the Mountain [1955] 

Our life is full of brokenness - broken relationships, broken promises, broken expectations. How can we live with that brokenness without becoming bitter and resentful except by returning again and again to God's faithful presence in our lives.

Henri Nouwen 

The New Testament is an intensely personal document. It is not the effort of a group of men who are out to prove something to us by the force of their rational arguments.

But it is the testimony, or testament, of a group of witnesses... who are bent on simply reporting to us the experience of a love that overtook them and overwhelmed them, a peace that passed all their understanding, and a peace that they in turn would pass on to us.

... Robert L. Short 

This is a beautiful song and prayer ( which I probably have posted a few times on this blog from time to time ) and it is right for today too - my prayer echoes its words.

may we always try to be "making this holy ground" in front of us and with whoever we meet through the day..............

Let us desire nothing else
let us wish for nothing else
let nothing else please us and cause us delight
except our Creator and Redeemer and Saviour,
the One True God, Who is the Fullness of Good,
all good, every good, the true and supreme Good;
Let nothing hinder us,
nothing separate us or nothing come between us

St Francis of Assisi

If you haven't got the rod of Moses then I guess  there's always dance .....sorry the video ends rather abruptly.

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