Aftermath of UK Riots First Week

Given the past weeks grim and shocking events of rioting and the destructive malice that has happened in various cities in England we now pursue the inevitable discussions and analyses of why it happened.

"We inherit from our remarkable past, hope:
hope is not the house,
but building a shelter from the rubble when the house has been destroyed."

Listening to Radio 4 this Sunday morning a small snapshot of various viewpoints from varied backgrounds given below: some are brief and not in complete sentences.

"Ironically it is only the secular world that leads people to imagine perfection and happiness can happen on this earth ; there are more limited and realistic expectations in religion.
The religious ideal shows that friction and errors are according to plan.
Perfection eludes us in ourselves . Human beings are humdrum and flawed creations worthy of tolerance and patience. "

In the wake of these shocking events knee jerk reactions and simplistic solutions are not enough.

The relentless erosion of values is a moral deficit at all levels of society. 
Moral imperatives have been forgotten.
The shrill commands for the ten commandments and their clarity will not be heard
Private and public morality have been decoupled : a false division between what we do in private and public leaves a moral vacuum 
The quest for things overrides concern for other people.

Many theories have been posited about the underlying causes of the riots in England - from moral decay to excessive consumerism. Here two criminologists give their views on some of the arguments.There are ten .

England riots: Police hit out at 'supercop' Bill Bratton plan

The sheer dogged persistence of hope and faith in God trumps the dark sallowness of despair. 

Tariq Jahan , the father of murdered son Rahoon Jahan who appealed for calm to his community.

A cross cultural and multi-faith  peace rally is taking place this Sunday afternoon in Winson Green Birmingham where it is believed up to 20,000 will attend. 
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Word in the Hand said...

Very much agree with your Dewey quote Phil. It would be easy to try and put it all behind us or deliver quick justice and expect things to change.
These issues did not appear overnight - we are jut focussing on one or two nights.
It will be small steps that move us on - if we are all willing to take them.