Broom Brigade Begin Clean Up

Community Spirit and the Broom Armies begin the Big Clean Up!

The @riotcleanup Twitter campaign was spontaneously organised overnight. 

By 10am today it had more than 31,000 followers, with hundreds joining in across London.

A "Post riot clean-up: let's help London" Facebook page also attracted thousands of messages of support.

This great picture below has gone viral .

Residents of the capital join forces to clean the streets after another night of rioting and looting. Social networking sites such as Twitter are being used to mobilise volunteers keen to help clear the damage, writes The Guardian.

More great pictures from here

and a great quote : " The broom is mightier than the sword ."

And from BBC News:

quotemarksright.jpgAnother positive hashtag is trending on Twitter. The two most popular words on the social networking site are now #RiotCleanup - which is being used to organise local groups of volunteers - and #PrayforLondon.
Daniel Gray from York has some views on these trends: “#prayforlondon - empty twitter gesture. #riotcleanup - positive social mobilisation. quotesmarksleft.jpg
For more information on cleanups in your area visit

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