Tottenham Riots

The worst riots London has seen in years continue on the streets tonight , bringing more mayhem, violence and disruption to a fragile community.

Scenes of violence and chaos and witnesses accounts on television  last night are disturbing.

The root of the original rioting was the lethal shooting of 29 year-old Mark Duggan last week by police which escalated after a peaceful vigil held by his family and supporters on Saturday night.

More than 250 people have been arrested and 35 police officers  injured over three days of violence.
Thankfully the family of Duggan have condemned the fresh copycat violence, much of which now seems to be opportunistic and gratuitous.

Police officers injured, vehicles set ablaze, shops looted, and damage to houses belonging to ordinary people who were in no way involved in these events,and similar copy cat riots are now spreading to Birmingham in Central England this evening .... 

Let's pray for some peace in this world !

BBC News here

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