Can WeTalk ?

No, you cannot get married and retain your RC priesthood;
If however you transfer to the Anglican Church,
which does ordain married men,
We'll accept their ordination of you and
ignore your marital status.
The Liturgical Language Ploy is helping to keep the focus off the real issues; but we must now plan the next diversionary tactic, Your Eminences. 

It seems no one listens to us on matters of sexuality;
People don't accept our teachings on Social Justice;
(perhaps because we don't practice it?)
Few really think that homosexuals are objectively disordered any more
Catholics don't follow our directives in political elections;
More and more people are envisioning the Divine not solely as Male;
Lots don't seem to like our new "old" language.
We're not trusted to be among children;
Our fund-raising campaigns go begging;
. . .
The world is sure going to hell in a hand-basket, isn't it!
Yes, it is true that Catholic intellectual tradition
presupposes the interplay of faith and reason
and can never be reduced to fundamentalism,
biblical or papal.
Yes, it is true that tradition is 
a socially embodied and extended debate,
not only about interpretations of Scripture,
but also about church teaching,
which is by definition historically conditioned,
 and evolving.
But the debate is over,
and you are all simply to do as you are told.
Via Is God Laughing or Crying
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