Commemorating Tenth Anniversary of 9//11 Prayers and Music

The monks of Glenstal Abbey and Aled Jones with a beautiful Gregorian chant .
Kyrie Eleison : Lord Have Mercy

Many religious groups and individuals have created new liturgies to mark the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Here Belief Net links to these selections--some are written specifically for 9/11, others are suggested scriptural readings.

Litany of Renewal For 9/11 here

A large collection of resources from many denominations here

Msgr. Martin T. Geraghty was pastor of St. Francis de Sales in Belle  Harbour New York  in 2001. 
Twelve of the World Trade Centre victims were buried  from his church.

On Nov. 12, three days after the last funeral, Msgr.  Geraghty was celebrating the 9 am Mass when an American Airlines flight  bound for the Dominican Republic crashed one block from the church,  killing all 260 people on the plane and five on the ground, including  parishioners.

"At Christmas 2001, a friend from Michigan asked if I was 'over it  yet'," Msgr. Geraghty said. "I told him it'll never be over for us. It  has been a defining moment in the lives of families here." 

He said, "There is an ongoing role for people. The message of the Gospel  didn't become irrelevant that day. We're just at the beginning: 2,000  years hasn't been long enough for our tribal human hearts to absorb the  message of Jesus Christ."

Msgr. Pfeifer said tribal human hearts is his way to describe that human  beings have only had a short time of mindfulness since their creation  and still have a long way to go.

"We're at the beginning of this. God is calling
us out of tribalism into a different understanding," he said.

The English version of this Taize hymn I like has sadly been removed from You Tube but I hope this does not take away the power or beauty of the music.

Oh Lord Hear My Prayer

Oh Lord hear my prayer
Oh Lord hear my prayer
when I call answer me
Oh Lord hear my prayer
Oh Lord hear my prayer
Come and listen to me

A different version of Kyrie Eleison : Lord Have Mercy

An Arabic Christian  prayer for  God's Mercy with English translation

A  9/11 Prayer of Remembrance and Hope:

Dear God, we remember before you those whose lives were lost in the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001, and for all those whom we love but no longer see.  

We give thanks to you for the selfless courage of those brave souls who ran into burning buildings and who labored in the rubble;

may their courage be to us a witness of what is possible when we are guided by love and dedication to our fellow human beings.

We pray today for the continued healing of all those suffering emotional and physical scars.  

May your spirit breathe new breath into clouded lungs, new life into troubled minds, and new warmth into broken hearts, so that all may feel wrapped in your loving embrace.  

May we move from suffering to hope, from brokenness to wholeness, from anxiety to courage, from death to life, from fear to love, and from despair to hope.

Guide our feet into the way of peace.  
Inspire us with hope in the gift of shalom and salaam. 

May we receive this gift, so that we might become instruments of your peace in this world, knowing all people as equally loved, lovingly created, children of God.
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