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Pope Benedictus XVIImage via Wikipedia Live coverage of Pope Benedict's visit to Germany and the transcripts of the Papal addresses can be accessed here

and more good photos UK coverage including Video here.

Video coverage in English here

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Pope Benedict XVI addresses the German parliament, the Bundestag, this afternoon.
But 100 members of parliament have chosen to forego the experience, including lawmakers like SPD parliamentarian Ulla Burchardt from the western city of Dortmund. 

“A head of state who disregards labour rights, women’s rights and the right to sexual self-determination should not be allowed to address the Bundestag,” says Burchardt.

Hans Küng, 83, was one of the Catholic theologians who, like the then-theology professor Joseph Ratzinger, helped shape the Second Vatican Council at the beginning of the 1960s and pushed for more openness within the Catholic Church. 

In 1979, Küng, who was teaching theology in the German city of Tübingen at the time, publicly criticized the dogma of papal infallibility. 
The Vatican responded by revoking his permission to teach. 
Today, Küng is still a Catholic priest and heads the Tübingen-based Global Ethic institute, which he founded.

Today, as Pope Benedict begins his four day state visit to his home country, Germany,  Kung was interviewed by Der Speigel

The interview with Hans Kung is here
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