Back Home From The Beautiful Baltic

Well, I'm finally back home from a wonderful holiday in the Baltic.

St Petersburg blew me away . Just a few photos to give you some idea of how beautiful it is.

The two guys in black are orthodox Russian priests and spoke no English and the one on the left was studying in Rome and acted as interpreter. Love the beards.


Austin Fleming said...

Welcome home, Phil and Colin!

I've been checking every day, just in case you might have chosen to post from your holiday - but you are faithful in truly getting away!

The photos are beautiful! Looking forward to reading you again on a daily basis, Phil.


Philomena Ewing said...

Thanks Austin. Great to catch up with you again. We were on a ship that had an internet room which was billed per minute. It was way too expensive and never worked so I gave up on it.
Missed you too Austin!
I'm really pleased you liked the photos. It truly is a magical city -the views from the water were the best.
I hope to get back in the swing of posting regularly as soon as I get my garden weeds sorted- they have gone wild in two weeks.