28th Sunday Ordinary Time Mass and Reflections The Wedding Banquet

Scripture readings and various reflections for this Sunday's Mass are here.

It is a fact that we are all invited to the wedding banquet of the Lord.

We are even given the wedding garment to wear by Christ himself; freely given, no expense spared; a seamless garment made from one loving thread to last us all our lives.

What more could I need or want ? 

Sometimes it's easier to put on the old, rather than the new.
Am I too busy to come , too preoccupied with other things so I offer lame excuses to absent myself ?

Am I too stubborn to change my own self -will and put on the garment of faith and love that Christ offered me with his own life.. ?

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Am I too cossetted in the warm reflective glow of my self delusions to cast off old habits and embrace the love of Christ above all else ?

Am I needlessly overdressed with so many protective layers that nobody can get beyond the outer clothing to see the real me on the inside ?

Am I bothered and bewildered at the presence of other guests whose company I might not enjoy ?

Many are called but few are chosen.

Wedding Reception Zeldis Malcah

Of course, this parable really isn’t about the clothes I wear to church or anywhere else; what is important is the spirit in my heart when I arrive before God. 

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Every day I get a chance inwardly to choose the inner garment and the framework that guides my life. Every day I have the chance to let my life be shaped and formed by the love of Christ.

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