Free Ten Day Irish Retreat From Home The Cell Of the Heart

Whenever things get too much for me I start thinking of going home to the place where I was born- The Cell Of My Heart , Ireland.
As I live in Cornwall that isn't always an easy option but when I came across this link today it came as a welcome surprise as it is a way of being there without having to travel and I hope that it is useful to others...

It is an opportunity to enter a free meditation retreat via watching ten videos which were recorded from a retreat held this September on Bere Island, in Bantry Bay, off the South West coast of County Cork, (map below) with a daily teaching by Benedictine monk , Fr Laurence Freeman.

The theme is Celtic Christianity and its impact on our daily practice today - topics include the role of the 'anamchara' or soul-friend and our relationship with the natural world. 
The videos of the talks are also on the YouTube channel.

 Skellig MichaelImage via Wikipedia

The first video below includes information about the island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Kerry which was a monastic Centre for Celtic monks for 600 years and he describes how certain key attributes of Celtic Christianity differed markedly from Roman Christianity. 

Central to the life of the Celtic monk was pilgrimage and Fr Laurence explains to the retreatants how the experience of island life on the retreat offers an opportunity to expand beyond their normal horizons.

He also introduces the concept of the monastic cell and there is a fascinating part where he talks about the skete and its purpose.

It took a while for me to get used to the style of Fr Laurence as his voice is a bit flat at the start but after a while I warmed to him...

  Ardnakinna lighthouse on Bere Island
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