I Wouldn't Start From Here

I suppose you have all heard of the story of the lost tourist driver somewhere  in the depths of the Irish countryside trying to find his way back to Dublin where he is staying.

In desperation he pulls over to ask directions from one of the locals.

“Excuse me”, he says, “Can you direct me to the road that goes to Dublin please?”. 

The local looks at him for a moment, sucks his teeth and says “Well Sir ,  if I were you,  I wouldn’t start from here."

How does this relate to faith?

(Incidentally,Sad news this year about this iconic
signpost in my birth home County of Clare from here)

If our goal is a new way of being church, then it may be better to start afresh, instead of trying to tweak a system we have inherited. 

The so called reform of the reform seems to me to be tinkering with a broken model, when what is required is a revolution.

On a personal level I believe that if my faith is a journey, then I should be more concerned with the destination than the starting point, and the one thing that Jesus teaches me in the gospels is that it does not matter where I start from - it is not even a critical determinant of where I can end up.

Every time people tried to catch Jesus out his replies always confound them as He seems to be saying " I wouldn't start from here......................"

 Bad Catholic has this to say :

"He doesn't let go of us when we sin. He doesn't let go of us when we think we're not in a relationship with Him. 

Listen to what He says, "I am with you. Even when you spurn me, hurt me, nail me to a cross; even then I adore you.

Even when you do not love me, I love you. And it hurts terribly to do so." 

The only difference in our lives - the only "relationship" that can change - is whether we have the courage to admit that we are held."

Maybe all I would add to that is that it helps if I can admit to God that I am lost  !

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