Freedom , Women and The Brilliant Helena Kennedy QC

Some interesting topics were discussed with presenter Jane Garvey this morning on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour.

This evening, leading barrister, and Catholic, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC will be presenting the case for women’s ordination in the Catholic Church at an open meeting in the House of Commons. 
The meeting is organised by the charity Women can be Priests. Baroness Kennedy and Madeleine Teahan, Associate Editor of The Catholic Herald, (who opposes women priests) discussed it .

You can listen here

I hope there will be a transcript of the meeting at the House of Commons-  Helena Kennedy was just brilliant this morning !!

 Also in the programme :
The 50th anniversary of the civil rights activists in the USA, 

Fifty years ago today, new rules came into force in the United States banning segregation on interstate buses. It was a decisive victory for a courageous group of people known as the Freedom Riders. In May 1961, the Congress of Racial Equality sponsored 13 volunteers to ride the length of the country, deliberately flouting the custom of separating blacks and whites on buses, in restaurants, and in washrooms. 

But when they reached Ku Klux Klan territory in Alabama, one bus carrying Freedom Riders was firebombed, and several activists were badly beaten. Outraged, hundreds of students across the country picked up the gauntlet and rode buses and trains into Mississippi, where all of them were jailed. 

Jo Fidgen spoke to two women about why they got involved, at a reunion of Freedom Riders in Mississippi.

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