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Attitude to Rome is hardening over in Ireland as the running sore from clerical abuse continues.

Report from CNA ( Catholic News Agency) can be read here .

 Meanwhile in the UK, a lawyer investigating sexual abuse recommends that  monks at Ealing monastery should no longer be allowed to run St Benedict's. a London Roman Catholic school where pupils were physically and sexually abused over several decades, an independent report recommended Wednesday. 

An internal Vatican investigation is also in progress.
Laurence Soper, the former abbot of Ealing abbey skipped bail last month and is thought to be living in an Italian monastery and he has been asked to surrender himself to the police.
An International warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Last year former headmaster of the Junior School, Father David Pearce was jailed for eight years in 2009 for abusing five boys over a period of 36 years.

This BBC Video here interviews the current Abbot ,Dom Martin Shipperlee who admits he was at  fault when he allowed Pearce to return to the abbey in 2007, despite knowing that a complaint had been made against him in 2001. 

and Guardian Newspaper report from here
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