Irish Emigration Prompts Church Services To Go Online

Emigration is so widespread in County Galway that one of the Catholic cathedrals has started broadcasting its services live online, so Irish people can watch in Australia and the US.

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Tuam Cathedral (seen left), is not just showing live coverage of Sunday masses and Christmas services, but weddings and funerals too.

It is estimated that 42,000 Irish people emigrated last year which is almost 1% of the country's population.

They say that the word for crisis (I think in Chinese?), is also an opportunity and perhaps this sad story could also be an opening for more dioceses to consider broadcasting their Mass services to share the best with the less fortunate or just spread the Good Word, particularly if the music or the homilies are good ones or during Lent, Easter, Pentecost or special services.

I'm certainly not suggesting that videos are a replacement for going to Mass but as so many of us have formed friendships through blogging online it would be another opportunity to share our faith and extend community.


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