Week Two Advent Reflections

A few snippet to help reflect on the awesome mystery of The Advent journey and The Incarnation.

I like this article by Debra Dean Murphy,
as we enter this second week of Advent .

Because our attention is so completely riveted to what’s playing on the big screen of our thinking mind, we can live completely unaware of the deeper ground of the heart that already communes with God, that knows only communion, as branches know deeply the vine.” - Martin Laird

 Christians are a little bit counter-cultural when it comes to Advent. When much of the secular world is busy celebrating Christmas right now ... we’re busy being thoughtful and meditative and quietly joyful in getting ready for Christmas.

Father Stanley Benecki, Pastor,
St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church on the Hilltop, Columbus, OH

 Inside Out

by Pauline Matarasso

I look towards silence.
It is not, as I had heard,

a peak with natural footholds and the crampons left by better climbers

Contrary to what they say there is no map (they may be speaking of another place)

there is only surrender.

Arvo Part O Antiphons music helps - ( the O Antiphons officially start on 17th December, the last week of Advent )

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