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English: The Red ribbon is a symbol for solida...Image via WikipediaWorld Aids Campaign website here.
Each year on December 1, people all over the world celebrate World AIDS Day. It was the first ever global health day, the first being in 1988.

Governments, religious organizations, businesses, non-profit agencies, families, and individuals use this occasion to remember the more than 25 million lives which have been lost to this disease and to focus awareness on the many millions more who are currently affected or at risk.

Huff Post Religion has gathered a collection of prayers and writings from diverse traditions which look to offer a feeling of hope on this important day of reflection.

This article for World Aids Day, December 1st 2011 is by Arthur J. Ammann, MD, President and CEO of Global Strategies for HIV Prevention
In 1982, he documented the first cases of AIDS transmission from mother to infant, and also the first blood transfusion AIDS patients.

World Aids Day vigil 2011 Kathmandu
Source Independent newspaper

He has travelled  to some of the most neglected regions of the world where the HIV epidemic has raged for over 30 years, and has seen the reality of this epidemic and its disproportionate impact on children.
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