A Dog and Leaves and The Bark Side of Life

These clips are already viral, but just in case you've missed them, here they are to make you howl with enjoyment.

First, there's an unbelievably cute video of a dog searching for a ball in a pile of leaves. Then there's The Bark Side, a Volkswagen viral that has attracted nearly 3m views in two days. Featuring 11 dogs of various sizes barking out the Imperial March theme from Star Wars, it's a teaser for the-car-maker's Superbowl advert,  Building on Volkswagen's 2011 Passat advert, which featured a boy dressed as Darth Vader, it makes you wonder: can the full ad possibly be as good?

We'll have to wait until 5 February to find out.
(Taken From The Guardian viral video chart)

 No leaves unturned

The Bark Side

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