God Smiles

 A quote from the 100th anniversary St. Olaf College Christmas Festival Program:
“The infinite bends down and takes (or, better said, accepts),

And wears, without regret, our finite flesh.

In that breathtaking act, eternity steps gently into time;

Not just a former time in Bethlehem, but Time.

Take off your shoes! Now everywhere is holy ground.

God Smiles

I say hang on
God says let go

I say I’m afraid
God says I know

I say my way
He says fine

I say it doesn’t work
She smiles now mine

I say now your way
God says through pain

I say no painless
He says in vain

I say lead me on
God says through the night

I say I’m afraid
She says that’s all right

I say I let go
He says you got through

I smile I’m not afraid
God smiles too

©Janet O. Hagberg, 1987, 2006
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